Non-renewal of hosting term

A 14 day grace period from your hosting renewal date will be given before shut off is implemented. If, within 30 days of expiration, you decide to reopen the hosting account, an $89.00 restoration fee plus the total amount of the hosting invoice will be due, in full, prior to reinstatement.

After 30 days from shut off date, your website will be automatically removed from the server completely. If you choose to renew the hosting account after the files/database have been removed from the server, the files will need to be copied back on to the server at a fixed rate of $250.00, plus the cost of the original hosting agreement and be paid prior to the website going live.

Note: the website MUST be live in order for any service to be done to the site content: files and/or database (ie: migration of the site, requesting of files ad database). Plugins cannot be installed on a site that is not active.