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Personal Name Pages

What is It?

Personal Name Pages is a quick and simple to promote your name.


This service will allow your name will be ranked high in the search engines (which boosts rankings to your business).


Your Personal Name Page will proudly display your photo, information about your background, schooling, work history, places you’ve been, a small gallery of photos as well as other media that defines you.



Live Examples of Personal Name Pages

Different Templates

Choose from many different layouts for your page. Certain layouts are designed for specific applications: Splash pages, Photo displays, Resume/Work History pages, etc.


A beautiful “splash” screen with outbound links to social media services. Photo can be changed.


A fully responsive site template. Perfect for a minimalist bio page.


A clean and responsive site. Looks great on mobile devices.


A versatile layout with room for large photos. Efficient for displaying different categories or services.


A beautiful one page photo (with captions) gallery template. All fits on one page. Looks great on mobile devices.


An adaptable template capable of displaying different types of elements: services, categories, product types, etc.